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Unveiling Pearls Jewellery

Ava pearl earrings


Luxuriously elegant and royal, the Ava pearl earrings are a testament to how versatile and beautiful pearls are today, just as they once were years ago.

Crafted By Hand

We believe that any handmade items are much more special for the customer. The Ava Pearl Earrings are handmade with white Preciosa pearls and sterling silver, featuring a premium design underlined with luxurious appeal.

Cascading Dangle

The design of Ava comprises a pearl drop at the ear, which dangles with a beautiful cascading cluster of dainty chains. This creates a mesmerising display as it sways with your movement, flattering any woman's ear.

Formally Pleasant

The more elegant and dazzling style of Ava makes them a suitable choice for more formal occasions where an eye-catching presence is a must. Wear them with a beautiful, dressy gown complemented by some of our other pearl pieces.


Height: 5.5cm


Preciosa Pearls contain a crystal ball core with several coats of nacre applied for a silky smooth shimmering finish.

Items are dispatched within three working days.