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About Us

Unveiling Pearls was founded in 2015 by Pamela Adeyeba, a young women's mentor, make-up artist and jewellery designer.

The vision of Unveiling Pearls is to provide young women with the tools they need to embrace their uniqueness by challenging the way they perceive themselves and the way they think. The key was to support them to live a life of purpose so that is what I did.

The Unveiling Pearls jewellery element was born in 2018 to complement embracing your uniqueness. 

I wanted to encourage all women by simply reminding them of their individuality. As a creative person, I wanted to use some of my skill set and passion to deliver this message. Which is how I came about Unveiling Pearls jewellery.

All our jewellery is handmade and through each design, we offer uniqueness by making one pearl different from the rest. We want the woman who is wearing it to look at it and remember how unique she is, to feel empowered by the reminder that there is nothing and no one else like her our there. Now that alone is worth celebrating!

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