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Loyalty programe

As a thank you, we have created a loyalty programme that gives you access to exclusive rewards. 

How does this work?

It operates on a points based system. Points can be accumulated as below:

  • Signup to our mailing list: 10 points
  • Place an order: 1 point for every £1 spent
  • Follow us on Instagram: 10 points

What you rewards do I get?

When you have enough points, you can claim the rewards below:

  • 50 points = Free shipping coupon
  • 75 points = £10 off coupon
  • 100 points = £20 off coupon

To start collecting points, please create an account

Referral program

Fancy getting £5 off any of our jewellery? Each time you refer a friend and when they make their first purchase using your unique referral link, they will get £5 off. You will then be able to claim £5, which you can use to purchase any of our jewellery.

To refer a friend(s), please create an account